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NCCU’s third annual Chapter Induction Ceremony took place at the I Yu Hall(義育廳)on Nov. 26. This year, there were 27 students awardedBeta Gamma Sigma(BGS) membership certificates.

At the ceremony, the College of Commerce invited a special guest, Professor Dah-Hsian Seetoo(司徒達賢), “The Great Master of Business Administration”, to share his learning experiences on cultivation of business talents.

The BGS is an international honor society serving business programs accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) International, which encourages and honors academic achievements in the study of business.

“Being a member of BGS not only helps you expand your horizons but is also an added bonus on your resume when applying for further studies or career opportunities.” Said Joyce Chen (陳彩稚), a BGS Chapter Secretary. Ms Chen said that BGS is recognized throughout the global business industry as the leading honor society for business and management education.”But the most important aspect is that we hope award-winners will retain BGS’s beliefs in their minds and carry them as a way of life,which helps members encounter any difficulties.”

According to BGS regulations, students must be among the leading 10 percent of their junior or senior classes, or the first 20 percent of their graduate school programs to be qualified candidates. Therefore, it was not easy for 27 honored students to achieve BGS certificates. These students stood out above over 300 other vying students to own the honor.

Dah-Hsian Seetoo, professor at the Department of Business Administration at CNCCU,was invited to deliver a speech “Learn and Grow up”.

Professor Seetoo shared with the audience, “If you want knowledge, you must toil for it. He explained when he studied abroad in America, he understood clearly that striving to surpass others was a worthwhile endeavor; otherwise he would have been marginalized in the crowd.

“Though there are many ways to gain knowledge”, Professor Seetoo stressed, “the importance of diligence is essential. ” He encouraged students to take multiple kinds of classes to better understand which courses or career paths they find attractive in order to delve more deeply in a particular study.

Based on his experiences, Professor Seetoo shared his opinions and methods of how to learn. In addition, he expected that the BGS freshmen would constantly bring their talents to fruition as future international commerce elites.

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